Monday, July 13, 2009

Bruno, Briefly

Very vulgar
Very explicit
Very offensive
Very inappropriate for all age groups
and one of the best movies I've seen in my life


asoom said...

are you serious? Dude I just don't get it.

I was pressured into watching it last night. There were some funny parts, but the cringe-inducing over the top vulgarity overshadowed the enjoyment since that was like 90% of the movie.

Maybe something is wrong with me, but I don't see how genitalia closeups, asses in faces, and long-drawn out conversations about buttholes is funny.

Hareega said...

It's definitely not for everyone, but the comedy sometimes can be shocking and definitely for some parts of the movie it was. But some ideas were hilarious, like suggesting having a sex tape with Ron Paul, how daring is that, or that scene in the cage fighting, that topped anything I've ever seen before even in Borat. It's very real and very daring, he could have been really hurt doing it.

Naddoush said...

Hehe - I have been looking forward to see this movie for a long time - I'm now sure that it will be exactly as I have imagined :-)

Is it in the movie theaters yet or did you get it at Hammoudeh's?

Naddoush said...

Stupid me - you are not in Jordan are you? :-P

Hareega said...

No I'm in the US. It was released Friday night. 14 million dollars on its opening night. That's like 5 times the price of Bruno's thongs altogether

asoom said...

but do you real think it was all real? LIke for example that military scene to me was just really fake. The drill sergeants were trying to force themselves to be outraged by his antics but their expressions were so stoic and they kept repeating the same 2 lines. It may not have been scripted, but there was some definite staging.

Also the Paula Abdul interview, I totally didn't buy that. She was in on it to an extent and so were the mexicans, I'm sure.

Sorry Hareega didn't mean to rain on your bruno parade. I did actually enjoy some parts, like to me the camping scene was pretty funny...but I do think he was trying way too hard to create extreme shock value to the point where it was just desperately tacky.

Musa said...

was there an interview with a former Jordanian prime minister?

"The Jordanian PM demanded to know why “that Zionist comedian” had been allowed into his house. Then the Royal Family intervened. Not the King, who was perhaps away at a Trekkie conference, but his half-brother. Prince Ali is a huge Ali G fan and apparently regards himself as “the real Ali G”. He defused the situation."

Anonymous said...


I have never laughed this much from watching a movie, laughed all the way through it, much better than borat in my opinion, which I was afraid it wouldn't be.

Hareega said...

asoom.. yep the army one is staged, Paula Abdul not sure... but other scenes were real. Getting arrested in Italy and irritating Arkansas crwd like that is something I've never seen before, will never see again. Even the staged scenes were hilarious.

Musa... that is very interesting, maybe will something in the deleted scenes when it comes on DVD

Nizo.. yes, hilarious from beginning to the end. I don't like to compare it to Borat, both were different movies , but both are A+ plus movies when it comes to comedy.

Ali Dahmash said...

I can't wait to see it on DVD ofcourse since the movie will never see teh light in Jordnaian theatres.