Thursday, July 30, 2009


* Warning: Facebook has allowed third parties to use your picture.
But believe me narcissists, no third party want to see your picture, especially the 20 pictures you took of yourself while you were testing the new camera.

Also believe me, TRUST ME, even if nobody ever told you so, even if you won't trust anyone in anything in life please trust me on this- Nobody wants to see pictures of your kids. The ones very close to you know how they look like. The ones not-so-close are not-so-close for a good reason and don't care much about your kids.

* If you're Jordanian and you still take a test that tells you what your Jordanian name you deserve and it gives you a name like Jarba and you like the name well enough to publish it on your profile, that tells me how much your real Jordanian name sucks.

* You don't get to send me a "BFF" request if you haven't called me in a year.

* After much thought, I concluded that nobody older than 50 should be allowed to join facebook.

* Never send me a "Mafia War Request" if your biggest adventure in life was taking a Sarvees to Sagf El-Sail.

* Facebook-Status Diarrhea: self-explanatory. It's a mental disease I believe.


KittySigurdardottir. said...

So how do I add you ass my friend on facebook?

Unknown said...
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Naddoush said...

Hahahaha :-)

Give me your facebook name and I will have a Mafia Wars request coming right up.

And what is your argument for not allowing 50+ to join facebook? Just curious...

kinzi said...

LOL, will I have to resign from FB next year?

(Funny about no BFFing those who haven't called in a year. I have my son's friends 'friend' me just to inflate their friend numbers)

KittySigurdardottir. said...

San Antonio Cicily I have a friend request pending next time you get on facebook.My name is Krystal Bell French.By the way,I'm the only one on facebook by that name.

Unknown said...

yes Purekrystal I have added you lol. I got your request. I think Im the only one on there with my name too!

Hareega said...

Purekrystal & San Antonio... thanks for the consideration! I can't post my FB here, all the girls can read it and will flood my account lol

Naddoush.. well I wouldn't generlaize the rule, but they seem to post any forward email they get on their wall, join every group under the sun, sometimes embaress their children on their facebook with some comments here and there. I like it if my parents would join, but I wouldn't like it if they post 20 songs for Om Kalthoom everyday

Kinzi... no you're great on FB. What you can do for your kids' friend is accept their request and once they reach 1000 friends fdrop them so they'd go back to 999

Unknown said...

You are so funny LOL!

7akifadi and yasmeena said...

Salaam Peace and blessings to the little children. All you need yasmeen is three teeny baby girls as gifts to josie Fadi as a restoration of trust peace and love. Makes sense for Fadi to block his wife from his blog. you goofed up.

Unknown said...


I agree with you Doc. but does it count if you call me and me call you (you actually call to speak to Dad but I sometimes happen to be around) :)

Also, got to admit, I have status update Diaherrea :)

KittySigurdardottir. said...

San Antonio Cicily,thank you for being so very understanding about I having had to delete you right away after asking you to add me as a friend on facebook.As it turned out in the end as we speak,so to speak, I have deleted my facebook account all together,once again,lol.Nothing unesxpected there.