Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taste of Treason: Drinking Disi's Radioactive Water

As I have mentioned a few times before, according to a study published at the Environmental Science and Technology journal in February, 2009, Al-Disi aquifer is contaminated with radioactive radium. (Click here for the abstract, published by scientists from Duke and Yale and other local universities). We've heard about an investigation that would talk place. Nothing ensued. Not a big surprise.

Today, it was announced that the contaminated water will be reaching Amman by 2012, six months ahead of schedule.

I am out of words.


bambam said...

Where do u stand on euthanasia ? maybe that question will help you find some words hareega ... -_-'

London said...

2012 is a long time from now man.. 3adi we will forget :)

Hareega said...

bambam.. I'm with it as long as it doesn't involve killing by radioactive substances

London.. I don't wish harm to anyone but if people didn't think it's a big deal then they deserve to drink this water

Ammar said...

what's interesting though, is that a few months back, when word got around about the radioactive contamination, it was deemed as Israeli propoganda against the project, we're very fond of conspiracy theories!

Is there a way to get the full report?

NasEr said...

maybe we're immune by now against radiated water man u never know ! have u eaten in Jordan before ?from restaurants i mean ? we have a pretty decent immune system ,maybe they're counting on that u know ! :////////////

Mohanned said...


there you go:


Mohanned said...

On a side note, in his book, failed states, Noam Chomsky points that during the time after the invasion of Iraq, one in every eight trucks entering jordan from Iraq was "radioactive"..

za3tar said...

Jordanian citizens should demand that their parliment and king use and drink this water at least once daily. After all, they are in Amman too!

If the water is suitable for the people of Amman, then surely it is also suitable for the rulers of the people of Amman. Don't you think?

Hareega said...

Ammar, you know... even if people insist Israel is the reason, they should not ask for that contaminated water to be given to the public to drink in a 300-million JD project.

NaseR.. yep, we apparently have become immune to corruption and lies as well

Mohanned.. I haven't read anything for him yet, which is a shame, but I won't be surprised if that is true. Some detectors would bleep when Iraqis pass by because they were carrying vegetables from Iraq.

za3tar.. good luck with that

Ammar said...

Thanks Muhanned, interesting read, especially those of Batir's and Nizar Abu Jaber, which made more sense to me than the scientific lingo in the actual report.

An interesting note I saw in a reply to a comment on Abu Jaber's blog is that there are mineral water brands that are derived from disi, so our choice of drinking water in Jordan varies from "regular" contaminated tap water to "super" bottled radioactive water, and both are made in Jordan, Now that's what I call a competitive edge!

Ali Dahmash said...

Hey don't you mess with our natural resource of Jordan's coming Energy drink! haha sad though