Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are you one in a million?

Announced today in newspapers..... there are one million Jordanians suffering from diabetes (sokkari)...

In case you don't know, obesity (being overweight) is the number one risk factor for getting diabetes

That was announced one day after a ministry of health report stated that 42% of Jordanians die from a heart-related cause

We, including yours sincerly, are a very fat country.
Another study was released yesterday, showed that more than half the country suffers from B12 deficiency. They attributed that to the way Jordanians overcook their food.
So whether you eat healthy (cook in your house) or eat outside you're screwed. My advice is to keep eating at home and just live with taking a monthly injection in your butt.


Anonymous said...

ONE million??? ya lahwi ya Doc. this is a huge number!!!
O ba3dean allah ybashrak bel kear.. so now, home cooked meal or restaurant won’t help the B12 deficiency? (allah ykhalli el Multivitamins o el B Complex Tabs :D , had ftoory el yawmi, LOOOOOL).

Tiger said...

I have a friend who ha had a problem with B12 yes it is very common now in jordan
aywaaaaaaa ma3natoo sa7bee kan ya'7od 7o2neh in his butt ba2ool laish ma kan ey7eb meshwar el doctor thx 3al ma3loomeh enfada7 el meskeen he3he3he3he3:)

by the way the strange thing the B12 spread I noticed only in jordan and i dont think it is only coming from eating habbits I dont know i dont wanna start conspiracy theory but we have high numbers of lockemia ,Bp , cancer rates ,diabitees, heart and last but not least B12 i dont something is wrong in the water of this country becoz all of this cant come with high rates all together.. ya3nee in USA they have high rates of colon Cancer and they say it is due to their eating habits which is shetty by the way and junkee but in jordan the story is suspecios enough becoz the food should be healthy unluess jordan is used a dump place for israeal nuclear program which is a well known truth lel2asaf.the same symptoms is now iraq if u want a clear example.

kan ma3akom moraselkom Mil gibson men conspiracy theory movie:)

Unknown said...

I don't know, I thought Jordanians are dying mainly because of:

1. Mansaf
2. Knafeh
3. Stress

I mean c'mon!
Mansaf for weddings (Starting April-November)
Mansaf for funerals
(Starting Jan-Dec)
Mansaf for Tawjihi
Mansaf for Wasta

Kanfeh usually follows Mansaf

Stress?(99.999999 of people in Jordan are Morons, you get mad while driving, dealing with people in public,private sectors,friends, TAXI DRIVERS , Mr.Know is it all, Mr.Fix it all (actually Bekaseerha all), Ms.I'm so cute I can take your turn, treat you like crap, scream at you and start crying if people,policemen approach (3amu 3am bet7arkash feyye)

Sam said...

interesting!! i'll put this on my cons list for living in jordan...:) do not forget the msakhan as a killer...damn is that food ever heavy!!

Anonymous said...

people here rarely workout, it's a severe problem

Anonymous said...

LOL Firas :P You are hilarious :D

I was shocked though, that is a big number. I think we are just too attached to our 'wrong' traditions - previously mentioned by Firas- and we just will not let go of them and change our way of life because this is how it goes, and this is how it should still go.

I think what people need is to be more aware of their health conditions and learn more about such diseases. Maybe then and through education, they will change their mind about being careless when it comes to food and health.

Anonymous said...

i just want to clear one thing out, and this is of my personal experience with the lack of B12... story made short: i was in trouble, doctor says take tests, tests say b12 and iron, i take shots for three months, i am still in trouble, doctor says visit a neurologic, neurologic says its just stress, aaaaaaaaaaaannnd it turns out the following:
the tests in private "pur business" clinics show only residues of B12 and finding the lack of B12 is NOT EASY at all, most doctors claim its B12 defficiency just to sell, it was a bit suprising to tell u the truth when my first doctor said it was B12 because i had been readin about my case on the web and they were all jumping that it could be B12 but doctors dont usually go there first (in the US) so i was kind of hey, my doctor is cool! it turned out that B12 was a hoax and it happened to a friend of mine as well, it is so darn easy (and money generating) for doctors in Amman to claim its B12... so it could be very true that that part of the study is not accurate at all

bass 7abbeit awadde7
(and oh, im doing fine ;) i just got into the habbit of relaxing more often and some stress pills at first got me back to ... somewhat normal)

Hareega said...

maioush... well it could be just a problem with absoprtion, you might be having enough of it but you're not absorbing it in the stomach, that's why they give injections instead of pills

tiger.. water pollution should not really contribute to leukemia or high blood pressure or b12 defieincy unless it was a radioactive material. I don't think we have a higher incidence of cancers than many other countries. The numbers do not support that.

Firas... yep mansaf is extremely unhealthy but I prefer to lose my job than to recommedn against eating it!

sam... yep msakhan is heavy

abed hamdan i used to work out but i started eating more, so i saved myself the trouble

hala sometime sit's the lack of eduycation and sometimes it's other problems, but very few people seem to address it as a problem

mariam ayyash.... what you are saying can be 100% true, and yes B2 injections can generate a big fortune for doctors in Jordan. Injections used to be a treatment but these days there are pills which can be asborbed by the body but doctors in jordan refrain from prescriing them because they wanna inject people in theri clinic and get money for it.
However I'd be a little bit relcutant to say that a study is false. IT's easier to create a bias in a study in Jordan than a study done in the US, but I would still be hesitant to, especially that those who performed the study were univeristy pohysicians who would not benefit much from the results, most likely they won't.

It would be interesting to look at the incdence in neighboring countries and to see if this is an epidemic.

And you're right, to check for B12 deficiency you need a b12 level and to confirm it you need to have the methylmalonic acid level checked. IT is high in b12 deficinecy (because b12 gets rid of that substance so it accumulates in the body if b12 was low)