Thursday, March 15, 2007

Argentina and Faisali and the Conspiracy Theory

The FIFA World classification is not that reliable, but it gives an idea about which teams can be number one.....

Argentina took the lead yesterday and they are currently ranked number one in the world....
It was nice to see Messi scoring a historical hysterical hatrcik against Real Madrid, nice to seePalermo coming back and scoring a hatrcik against Estudiantes, Saviola shining again, and six other Argentenians leading Inter into an undisputable victory of the Italian Serie A.

On another level, a sick conspiracy, very sick one between al-Nasr from KSA and al-Kuwait footballs clubs took place. Both teams compete with Al-Faisali and an Algerian team to qualify to the semi-finals of the Arab Cup finals.

The Kuwaiti team lost any chance of qualifying, but they allowed the Saudis to defeat them 1-0 in a very clear way. So clear you should watch the game and wonder how stupid both teams were to make the conspiracy that obvious.

Faisali is playing the Algerians today, best of luck for them, wish some morons will be kicked out of the tournament.
In other news, our Olympic football Team drew with Australia 1-1. It feels good to have a draw with a whole continent.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I am looking for someone to go with me to Canada the first week of July to watch the U-20 World Cup. Place tickets are not that expensive and so are lodging and match tickets.

Give me a buzz

PS. You may need a visa

Hareega said...

man, I would do anything to watch these games, but my visa will not allow me at all. the problem is not getting a Canadian visa, it's leaving the US because I would then have to renew my current visa. Ma7soobak hassa ga3ed bil usa 3ala work permit only because my visa expired men sant el fashakeh.

I checked the ticket prices a while back, they were OK, some were as low as 80 US dollars, magdoor 3alehom, o bil soog el sooda (craigslist) marrat betlagi ar5as.

Mohanned said...

Fai9ali 7atta el no7'a3..alla ygawee el shabab..bas I totally forgot that there is soccer..I love footbal now:)

Anonymous said...

If Faisali bows out of the Arab Champs league they have only themselves to blame for losing at home against Al Kuwait. Any talk about conspiracy is irrelevant. As for today i do not expect the Algerians to be friednly. A Jordanian referee has disallowed a goal for an Algeriam side against zamalik in the other group and resulted in Zamalik going through and the Algerians may try to settle scores with the Jordanians.
The result of the Olympic team is great but it puts more salt on the wound of the game we lost against Saudi Arabia in Amman. We always blow it at home.

Anonymous said...

Mabrouk the match ended with a 0-0 draw which was enpugh for Faisali to progress to semi-final and meet Zamalik which is honestly a very distorted team at the moment. I think Faisali has a good chance but they badly need to start scoring goals!

Hareega said...

mohannad arabiyat.... kbeer

Batir... I totally agree that we always blew it at home, but I think Faisali deserves to qualify. We were the best team in the championship in the first 3matches, therefroe we could afford to lose 2 games in a row.
Even if we sucked, that doesn't allow other teams to fix games. This is disgusting.
I think ALgerians are the last ones to do it, remember 82