Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why did you change the station

May I ask please, why did you
without any obligation
change the station?

When they blew my house
soiled my room with their feces
turned my brother into pieces
I aksed for help
and you changed the station

When my mother was taken
her dignity, forsaken
without any explanation
I asked for help
and you, sir, changed the station

When they told me I should not resist
that there's no reason for me to exist
I turned to you, sir, for a hand or a tear
or a word to quench my fear
but you, again, changed the station

I can see you sir
in five years, maybe ten,
holding a baby with an amputated leg
dragging your crippled mother with her broken neck
and when you'll look at the camera in the eye
thinking of the lens as your only salvation
you'll know how brutal it was
to just change the station


7aki Fadi said...


Anonymous said...

so nice,,, and gloomy.

Anonymous said...

oh my god.. that is so sad :(
and what makes it even worse that its so true... :(

Anonymous said...

i dont know..is my reply..sad is it is ..I do often change the station after a few minutes..sometimes one cant take all the pain..cowardly it is..but thats just me!

kinzi said...

Hareega, poignant. Suffering doesn't end with the soundbite, may we stay tuned. I am so sorry.

Mala2e6 said...


i am like..(u know the smilie of msn..wa7ad fate7 tommoh w mondahesh)

i know u r a brilliant writer..but this is ..wow

i think this should be published somewhere..a newspapaer..or some place where all can read..

great and amazing..and all the wow words in english

Tiger said...

nice I think kind of RAP stuff:)

hey yoo wssup:)

and hey man let him change the station we dont need sympathy from someone who doesnt have it

Anonymous said...

i guess i change the station because i cant help, or at least not in the moment, i change the station to regain back my focus and power, to be able to help, but most of the time i change the station because it rips my heart apart, and i want my private space to cry, without ... you... watching me back, ur looks hurt

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

im speechless..

SimSim said...

very nice and touching

Oula said...


Anonymous said...


Hareega said...

Thanx a lot for reading!

Anonymous said...

I somehow agree with Salam.

Wonderful post :)

Anonymous said...

You're a physician, you should know why- those things result in ulcers and emotional disturbances :)

Arab Lady said...

so nice touching but we still change the station!

Sam said...

very touching!!! so sad!

Anonymous said...

did you come up with this?

Anonymous said...