Sunday, March 25, 2007

Laugh it up your heart

A doctor in the clinic nearby called me because his patient keeps falling down at home. He asked me to keep him in the hospital overnight. "I'm afraid he has some problem with the heart.... a heart attack, an irregular rhythm.... or maybe strokes???"

The patient arrived to the hospital. I went to talk to him

"So you keep falling"
"Yes, I've been falling for more than a year"
"Any idea why?"
"Whenever I laugh I get short of breath and suddenly pass out for a few seconds"
"Does it happen at other times?"
"No , just when I laugh"

We ran a few tests on his heart and nothing showed up. I went again to this 56 year-old guy
"Your heart seems to be working very well"
"So what's causing me to pass out?"
"Laughing, whenver you laugh you stimulate some nerves that slows down your heart and make you pass out for a few seconds, it's not'll wake up"
"So how can I avoid that"

I thought for second.... "Stay away from funny people"
It looked like he thought the answer was funny, and I felt the danger approaching. He opened his mouth and started laughing. His face turned red. I looked at him very seriously in the face and he stopped laughing. I wrote orders to discharge him home, and before I left I checked the board to see who his nurse was. It was Ellis, a nurse whom I have never seen smiling in three years.
Then I thought to myself, "he's in safe hands"


Anonymous said...

wow, bad for him...
I can't imagine my life without laughing.

Tiger said...

really strang case.

that nurse should acomplish her work very well unluess the guy would keep to pass out...

Imagine that eddie murphy or john lenno ,robin williams were his nurse he ll be in a coma I guess

really very strange case i liked the part of stay away of funny ppl hahahahaha u should have conitnued with other phrase "it is bad for ur health"

Poor guy I wish he ll be able to laugh one day

Omar said...

I kinda imagine you living in Scrubs!

Who-sane! said...

It must suck to be sentenced to not laugh for the rest of your life or else you'll pass out. Poor old man :-( ...

Hospitals seem to be the ideal platforms for drama and comedy!

M Kilany said...

ta7sheesh... "stay away from funny people"...

Anonymous said...

Breaking news.
dr hareega killed his patient by making him laugh.

Unknown said...

Wow,so this is not a medical condition? No recorded cases?

Did it happen before, when he was a kid?

Please advice him to stay away from Madreset El Mshaghbeen bel engleezi

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Firas :P

But it really is weird! Laughter is supposed to make us feel better and some would even say el do7ok bettawwel el 3omor! I guess it is the opposite with him :D

Enjoyed reading as usual :)

Anonymous said...

Linda said...

wow! too made me laugh...bess haram, how can this guy prevent himself from laughing? its very hard...i tried it for five minutes, saw something funny on tv, promised i would not laugh, but then laughed. what should i do doctor?

ساري said...

فارس فعلاً ان قصصك مسلية...

و المواقف اللي بتصير معك كلها غريبة... شكلي كان لازم أدرس طب



lubna said...

i am not going to laugh. Finally found a disadvantage for laughter. Good news

An Oriental Blog said...

Again, you are JD in scrubs!!

Hareega said...

thanx a lot for reading
yep maybe this guy needs to visit jordan for a couple of weeks to learn some good solid kashra

Allysha said...

My Dad has the exact same thing.
There is a word for it, is there not?
I can't remember though.
But, yeah it sucks alot.
He laughs and than passes out..
& we share jokes all the time, we have the same sense of humor and we make eachother laugh ALOT.
It's really sad actually.
People find it rather amusing,. it is strange. But still really sad.
you have to be careful when people have this condition