Friday, May 18, 2007

Always al-Faisali

I will not regret cancelling my clinic this morning and packing up my schedule and working 15 days nonstop in a row and registring for the ridicuolously expensive ART -America channel in order to run from the hospital this morning to watch al-Faisali playing in the second leg of their final againts Wefaq Staif.

We lost 1-0 and we lost the title, we always lose at home and win outside because the fans, as loyal and emotional as they are, can pose a horrible negative effect on the team especially when the players' sisters are always mentioned whenever one misses a corner or makes a wrong pass.

Al-Faisali impressed everyone in this tournament. It is among the poorest teams in the whole championship and it was still able to knock out flithy rich teams from Saudi Arabi, Kuwait and Egypt. They deserve the best and one day we'll win the cup. Faisali has been the only Jordanian team that was able to score big results and has been our represntative outside Jordan.

Always with Faisali, when they win and when they lose, and the players deserve all our support and respect.


Tiger said...

from a Wehdatee A big salute:)

hard luck they impressed everyone this year

Madi said...

Can't say anything, the team did their best in the field, hope they can make it up for us next time.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed. Faisali lack any killer touch upfront. They have not scored at home in the Arab Champions league for 270 minutes and all their away goals were scored by defenders. After Jeries tadrus the Jordanian football did not provide any strikers. Had Jeries was playing yesterday, the match would have been finished at the first half.

Hareega said...

Batir, I totally agree with you, I missed Jiries yesterday so badly, we need another Dabbor, I can't think of any Jordaina forward player with a consistent performance or any striker who can score a hatrrick for example. They are there some where but nobody can find them.

Anonymous said...

7ashah Hareega, we watched the game at Dubliner's, I can't tell you how many times the players sisiters were mentioned that was like a legitimate scorning..and not one player's sister got away with not being mentioned...On a more serious note:I can't stress enough how vulgar it sounded when this curse was shouted out loud by girls..I mena it's bad enough being a rude loud man, but a rude loud girl is too vulgar.

Anonymous said...

الله يعطيهم العافية الشباب يعني بالبطولة بشكل عام ما قصروا .. بس بالنهائي كان فيه تقصير الصراحة و اللاعبين ما كانوا مثل دايماً .. يعني ما بدك تسجل على ارضك ماشي يا سيدي بس برضو انت يا فيصلي كنت تلعب افضل من هيك على ارضك .. اذا بدي احكي عن النتيجة فمن العدالة انوا المباراة تنتهي 0-0 هذي هي النتيجة العادلة بس شو بدنا نعمل ما زبطت

و بأكد على كلام باتر و حريقة احنا لازمنا مهاجم بمواصفات الدبور و بأسرع وقت ممكن بس بنفس الوقت لازمنا كمان واحد مثل حسونة بالوسط لانو قصي ابو عالية مش دايماً بنفس المستوى و اداءه بالمباراة النهائية و خاصةً الشوط الاول كان اداء ضعيف للغاية و بضيف عليه كمان خالد سعد يلي ما عمل اي اشي للأسف