Saturday, May 19, 2007

Classical Zakiyyah Zakariyyah


Manti Shabah Khalli Khameees


Blogger said...

الموزة في الفيتيو التاني قنبلة

دي عملا فتوى

Anonymous said...


I really liked it, please post more of them if you have any left :P

Anonymous said...

LOL hareega. you've no idea how much the first one made me laugh!

these are my favorite lines:

- lamma a2ollak bikhh bitbikh!

- da manzar yit3akas?

- di taree2a itkallim onsa beeha?

Hareega said...

nizar... try zakia zakaria on you tube, you'll find more than 40 of them!

Anonymous said...

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