Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hareega was Here

In 2004 I had an interview in Cleveland clinic in Miami, yes it's called Cleveland clinic and it's in Miami, just like they have Michigan Avenue in Chicago and al Gardens street in Amman where no flower exists, I was relaxing on South Beach one day when some folks from Green Peace asked me if I wanted to join in one of their activities.

Filled with guilt from throwing stones at cats in our neighborhood and smashing cockroaches in our kitchen with my father's old shibshib I decided that it's time for me to do something about the environment. About 1500 people joined together on the beach and we had some directors ordering use to lay down in certain lines and circles.

We were told that we were recreating a picture for Picasso. A helicopter flew over us and we were told to stay still because they were taking photos for us from above there.

Next day I checked the photos and it was marvelous. The picture was that of man in prison. Picasso drew this painting in 1955 in protest to Franco's regime that executed and threw in prison many of Spain's thinkers. Greenpeace were protesting how George Bush was prosecuting them after they boarded a ship carrying illegal mahogany from Brazil.

I remember laying down in a big circle that surrounded another smaller circle. I was told that our circle was forming the eye. Probably it was the man's left eye. Regardless, knowing that you were part of something like that is amazing.

Since that day, I've never smashed any cockroach in the kitchen (they run too fast!)

Here's more on the story


Anonymous said...

it's a wonderful feeling to be part of a worthy cause!

Hareega said...

thanx hussain

Me said...

great!! i am sure it makes you feel wonderful to be able to give back to the world, even in a small way!

Amer said...

Bush and the environment, where do I start?

how was the beach. wink wink.

Roba said...


lubna said...

that's very interesting:)

and nice

Dar said...

Wallah hai el fekra 3ajbatni bedi a3melha bel 3a2abeh ;)


Tiger said...


Laga6ak hada enteh elee ga3ed bel nos?

guys he mentioned the guys left eye check which one was 7areega :)

Hareega said...

summer... yes it does

globalorama.... i'm not a beach person but the south beach was so damn good

roba and lubna... thanx

dar... balki tozbot, jarreb!

tiger... this picture is great, i'll add it to the thread, thanx dude

FATEN said...

i'd actually pay to be part of such thing...what an experience, jad man i'm all green now wishing that i was a tiny sopt in that pic.

Hareega said...

faten hopefully one day you'll be anothe tiny spot

you can be green when you're in jordan, spread the greeness to people around you too
and don't kill cockroaches in your kitchen, just show them the way outside your house ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they used surveyors to coordinate this. I kept looking at both the image and the human rendition and this must have taken the organizers a considerable amount of preparation because it is very well laid out. The spacing is very proportionate and almost identical to the original.
It's wonderful that you have participated in such a thing. Not many can brag that they were part of Picasso's art work. Thanks for sharing 7areega.

Hareega said...

thank you Ziad, yes it was very well-arranged, they paid a lot for this stuff