Monday, May 07, 2007

Very strong discussion in an American TV show about Iraq

Despite the level of freedom in the US and the general disapproval of most Americans to how Bush started and handled the war, very few programs or TV hosts have expressed themselves as well as Bill Maher did (he's not Arabic despite the name Maher)

Here's a great short clip of a very strong discussion about the war in Iraq. It's needless to say that the lady speaking works for Fox News!


Mohanned said...

I love bill maher, but he smokes weed too much:)

Unknown said...

thx for the share

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Sandy Rios
She must be diagnosed for Secondary;)
She seemed to be an Overly Concerned Women for America,lol (oO this ponders me as to why she was made president of Culture Campaigne Oo)

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher kicks ass!

I'm just glad that there are people there who can understand what's really going on in the Arab region.

Sandy Rios is another example of the propaganda generators, the biased media that turns and twists facts to give the majority of the stupid Americans something to keep themselves busy with.

great one hareega.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher ... Bill Maher ... Bill Maher

I watch every single episode of Real time since it started. I think he's awesome.

that B** from fox news ... just as expected. I wish they can get bill oreilly next. I'm sure he has turned them down several times. since he was one of the people behind getting Maher fired for saying things about 9/11 .. TRUTHFUL things!
I like how he just hates everyone :) EVERYONE is a target for his comedy ... he's VERY smart, and at least, reads the newspaper! Unlike the commander in chief
He did accept a job offered by Benjamin Netanyahu though, I guess that might have also been in parody.

Tiger said...

if u go on you tube and check the viewers comments on this lady god I dont know how she is surviving the comments r all abusing ..and she is simply like qhat Q said

I used to hear about bill maher but never actually watched him but now I guess ur gonna make me addicted to him thx for the post:)

Anonymous said...

American tv discussions regarding the war are usually shady.. I like Arab discussion programs a lot more.

Unknown said...

nice clip...
sadly, not enough ripples in a THICK muddy ponds.
But the body count of killed US marines speaks a lot louder than words. When will the Amercan public wake up? probably never, not with a leadership and media system like that. Good post

Anonymous said...

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