Friday, July 13, 2007

Messi El Tamasi

Messi the teenager proved again to be the best player in the world these days. He's played great matches in Copa America so far and lead his team, with other brilliant stars, to the final of Copa America on Sunday against Brazil.

Enjoy watching this goal he scored yesterday against Mexico, enjoy watching the Mexican keeper throw himself unable to even touch the ball.

and by the way, Europe can go to hell. Copa America is the real football, where the winner would have at least scored some 12-15 goals in his way to the cup.
Who told me won the last European Cup? Christos Anesti?


Anonymous said...

Messidona is amazing.

I Would love to see him Partner with Tevez up Front what an amazing Due that would be!

Maher said...

one more thing.. hadoool el mo3aleqeen el argenteneye jad enhom rahebeeeen.. besla'7ha GOOOOOOL lal sobe7! lol

Anonymous said...

This is Argentina's best chance to humilate Brazil and I wish to see this happening. As for Messi, I used to like him very much but no amount of skills can justify scoring a goal by your hand and celebrate it (against Espanyol). I have stopped supporting Argentina after 1986 until Maradona was out of the team. As for now, I would go for Argentina against Brazil at any match.

Isam said...

messi is good ... but he needs to get out of barcelona ...

how romantic would it be if he goes to napoli !!!

nice goal

Hareega said...

Maher... they called him Messico ...86 :) and yeah all latino commentators are hilarious

thank you for the support. Remember Messi is only 19 and with the pressure from everyone and everything players want to score in any way. There's a very small place for good manners in football these days.

Speaking of good manners, remember how Redondo refused to get his salary from Ac Milan when he was injured for a long time.

Isam... I don't think he'll ever get out of Barcelona, not anytime soon to say the leeast. Barcelona took him and took care of his family and it would be a slap on their cheek if he leaves them.