Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why I think Jordan needs more Infectious Diseases Speciliasts

I also believe this guy should stop spreading it !!


Maioush said...

LOL @ jame3 reesh el jaj :D
yalla ya doc. et5asas o e7mel 7alak o erja3 3ala el blad :D

Amer said...

inshalla btirja3 3al garyeh o btifta7 mostawsaf

Unknown said...

"reesh el dajaj" :DDDDDDDDDD
ur killing me, loooooooooooooool
thx for the laugh :DDDDDDDD

Hareega said...

maioush.. khayef arja3 aseer alamlem reesh dajaj ana el thaani

golabl... mostawsaf, shukran !

amjad.. u're welcome

Citizen N~ said...

Looool , what a lucky person with a unique hobby :P

Ammar said...

somewhere in qatar there are some featherless chickens running around..buck buck.

Hareega said...

citizen N- yeah very unique, he might qualify to work in the closed 7adeeqet el tuyoor

ammar... hehe yeah, i hope these ducks won't read this entry they'll go and kick his butt