Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Failed Attempt

Despite having a few people begging me not to write poetry, but some current events can really trigger you to hallucinate. :)
The day is twenty four hours
long, do I belong
to this world of rhymes but no song?
Many people, many lives
little value but so many strive
to survive
in this harsh atmosphere
and today they will blow the sphere
in Switzerland or France
can we advance?
when, inside, we're so empty
of sorrow we've got plenty
Are you sad, are you mad
Please Please.... elaborate
on why are you angry the world will evaporate
it was never born to be
it was never born for me
to see a happy day
but today it's going away
and today, I will be born
I will be born...


Sharkooseh said...

ooh i like it :D
am telling u keep writing :D

Hareega said...

Alla yojbor bi khatrek

Anonymous said...

That was really nice.
I like it too

Hareega said...

yojbor bkhatrak enta kaman, kahalas ba3mallak mo3allaka (qwaidariyyat) when i have time

Hani Obaid said...

Are you trying to communicate with the borg ?! :)

Hareega said...

yes but they're not responding

Anonymous said...

"it was never born to be
it was never born for me"

I like this part! It rhymes nicely.