Sunday, September 21, 2008

Results of the 9/11 survery

I am about to delete the results of the Poll that has been on my blog since 9/11 because voting was over, but I liked to post the results just for history.

The question was: Who was behind 9/11 ?
46 readers replied, at least 2/3rds were readers from Jordan.

14/46 (30%) said it was Al Qaeda alone
8/46 (17%) said it was the US plus al Qaeda
10 (21%) said it was the US government
Nine (19%) said it was Israel
and 5 (10%) did not know.

Briefly, only 30% believe it was an act solely done by Al Qaeda, and more than half believe Al Qaeda has NOTHING to do it with it.

While I explained before that there are many questions marks about the response of the US government to these attacks, it is very hard to believe that those 19 men on the planes had nothing to do with it.

That's what we are great in doing. Denial. We're good in not admitting a problem. 9/11 has become a boring topic even for many Americans, but the lessons we should have learned from it will never get old. The fact that these attacks resulted in a very unjust war against an Arab country is not an excuse to not think properly and get blinded by the fact that at least, for one day, for one hour, a very small bunch of us acted irrationally.

Ok, enough with 9/11, enough with the past, let's get back to the future.


The Observer said...

While I don't like conspiracy theories, I am all for the idea that Bush administration has much to do with it. Just look at the profits of the Oil companies since then! And now the election is closer, Al Qaeda hist again in Islam Abad and in Yaman!

I really hope Obama wins. We had enough. Maybe then Al Qaeda would just vanish!

a different perspective said...

I too think the Bush administration has something to do with it. I just don't know how much. They might have been behind the whole thing or they might have just knew about it and let it happen.
I'm not saying Al Qaeda is innocent. There are plenty of Arabs and Muslims that would (maybe justifiably) love to attack the US. But the 9/11 politically benefited the US and Israel, and did a lot of damage to the Arab and Muslim world.