Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Jordanian Connection

I got a call late last night.

It was a friend

"Man, how do you spell kharshooqa?"
"Kharshooqa, how do you spell that?"
"I don't know, what's a kharshooqa?"
"Not sure, but it was the song you were playing in your car"
"I see.....I think it was Shakhooqa"
"Ok I'll try this on yotube"
10 seconds later
"I still can't find the song"
"Try Shurkhooqa"
"Still can't find it"
"Type it in Arabic"
"Can't find it, who's the singer?"
"Not sure, I remember she had a Jordanian last name"
"Is she Jordanian?"
"No she didn't sound like it, but she had a Jordanian name"
"Ok where do I go from here?", he asked anxiously
"Try any Jordanian last name and put the word song after it"
"Try Tarawneh"
"Ok Try Shamayleh"
"Zo3bi, they have Zo3bi in Lebanon"
"Eh, ba3dain ma3ak"
"Just try Masri"
"Nothing. Nothing. Nada. Sbhu asawi?"
"Try Masarweh"
"Nothing, can you just listen to the song and tell me?"
"I'm at the hospital, can't do it"
"So what should I do?"
"Let me think"
"OK search lebanese song, or sexy lebanese, or lebanese singer, or arabic song or arabic sexy something like that"
"Can't find anything, meshan alla, meshan alla, I need to find this song. I have to"
"Horani, Horani, Horani, I remembered, Dominique Horani"

"Try it"
"Yes that's it. You're the man"
"Ok now, do you realize it's midnight?"
"I know, I'm sorry, but I couldn't sleep without getting it out of my head"
"I totally understand"

Here's the song Khashooka by Dominique Hourani, by the way she has a master's degree in business administration.


Anonymous said...

wow, it's cool how you started with all those keraki last names, then jumped to my mom's last name, which isn't keraki and yes can be found in Lebanon :-D

by the way, that Dominique singer really sucks!

Hani Obaid said...

so now do you know what a khashouqa is :)

asoom said...

You know I have this song on one of those mixed cds I got from Safeway and never even gave it a second thought. I always push the forward button on my ipod when it comes on-but now I'll forever associate it with your blog.

Ba3dain what's up with your definition of jordanian names? those are karaki names! You left out my shimali roots: radayda, bataina, bani hani, qawasma, etc....

Anonymous said...

3an jad shoo hatha al khashouqa, 5alas 3an jadd.

Hareega said...

secratea... well i knew the singer's name before hand i have a friend who is absolutely crazy about her but i just blanked out. I don't think she sucks more than many other singers out there.

hani... yes and i think i have one in my kitchen

asoom... apologies hehe, i don't want my blog to start a mini-civil war in Jordan. Koll el 3eyal khair o barakeh

hamede... esma3 o et3allam

Waed S. said...

I hate it when I forget the name of sth or sum1 !
b3den WOW ! she has a masters degree ! shu allah jaberha 3al khashooka ?! the song is awful awful awful ! I do what asoom does , just change the song!

NasEr said...

I think i have a Sharkasi friend from the Kashooqa family !!

NasEr said...

holy crap I'm afraid I'm mistaken !isn't Kashooqa an old word for Spoon ? - haven't watched the vid if there is anything about spoons !- :/
man allah y'3allbak :D

Anonymous said...

well the only guess that i have is that khashouka is a spoon coz she says sa7en w khashouka, and what a really silly song

Anonymous said...

What does your friend work?
This Bull Shit song indicates the wonderful taste he has, and the lovely attitude that makes him to awake you at midnight!!!

Anonymous said...

sa7 wallah, a7yanan el wa7ad be23od ytzakar ashya2 w lazem y3rafha...
el o3'oneh mo besh3a ba3rafsh leh el nas haik be7ko :P
lahjet wel 7aki 7elween...
lama qara2t asma2 el 3ailat etzakrt ayam zaman lama kont 3aysheh bel kark....

Anonymous said...

lol even though its a hideous song, i'm proud of you having 7afartal Arabic songs in your car lool.

3atrees singer? evil thing.

and LOL@ Naser. Yeah fee haik 3eleh bas mesh bl qaf, bl kaf, kashooga.

Anonymous said...

LOOL! first time i hear it is on your blog! with all my respect to you and your friend taste in music! this is not a song that would stick in my mind or even cross my mind (unless i read a blog post from hareega about it)! this post should be called the missing Jordanian connection!or the missing jordanian wasta! coz there was no connection at the end!! LOL

Hareega said...

LW.. the song is beautiful what are u talking about

Naser... there are families named after every single objects, fruits, vegetables, prophets and villages... not too suprised there's one kashooqa, kol el 3eyal khair o barakeh

yes khashooqa is a big spoon , i have one in my kitchen

Shaher... alla ysam7ak , it's an adorable song

sophia alla ysam7ek ya shaikha, i was gonna yell at him for calling that late but when I knew it was about this song I totally forgave him. malek 3aleha

isra'a el qasem... the song is cool

Batoul... I have a large collection of 7afartal song, I listen to them while I'm drinking slush, picking up my nose and whistling at girls walking down the street

Mais... I was interested enough to create a connection that did not exist. Glad you loved the song ;)

Anonymous said...

sart m3ee mn kam yoom bdee atzkr esm wa7ad kan m3ee bel jam3a la hassa ma tzkrt :S

btw this song is one of my ugly lovable song !

Anonymous said...

ps. she is Syrian, and for your information Sahal Huran is known and documented well before Trans Jordan existed. Also, I second other on mentioning that you left out most of the family names from East Jordan.

Also there is a website that you all should look at Http:// those guys are from Kuwait and they have a lot of songs.


Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 6:59 PM: la ya shaikh? gool w ghayyir! that website has been there since ever