Friday, September 05, 2008

The BiMonthly Video: Plane Landing on Water, Breath-Taking!

A tourist on a beach in the Caribbean was taping when he observed a commercial plane approaching the beach at a very high speed, check this short clip to see what happened next. It's not pretty.

This is part of Hareega's bi-monthly clips with less than 500k views on youtube that I think are definitely worth-watching.



NasEr said...

i thought something is wrong when it focuses on the door ! but its bloody well done :d

Hareega said...

yes very well-shot

Waed S. said...

Hilarious !

Anonymous said...

OMG I stopped breathing here for a sec.. just didn't see this coming!

jad, very well done!

Hareega said...

lost .. yes good stuff

secratea.. yes there was some releif at the end lol

Anonymous said...

When the plane first appears, I was like holy shit! I almost soiled my pants!

Anonymous said...

Its really magnificent! This is a real breath-taking video.

P.S. Macromedia Flash Player isn't downoladed on this PC in Mu'tah University. Students are not allowed to donlowad any programs. As a result, no video on yotube could be watched.
Reading the comments, however, gave me a really good impression of the video. Probably, I would have written the aforementioned comments if I had watched it. Would I? Till I have the chance to watch it, I highly think so.

Hareega said...

me, moabite... thanks for checking. Just keep it in mind and check it whenver you have access for youtube, maybe in an internet cafe.

Anonymous said...

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Mamá Testa Zola said...

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