Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jordani-yat: Pictures of Jordan and the Royal Family, long long time ago

Great picture from 1935 of the Jordan River Valley with the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains. Click to enlarge. Worth clicking. --------------------------------
Thunderstorm around Maan in 1926. Click to enlarge.------------------------
Jordan River, 1926! ---------------------------------
Photo taken in March, 1976. Late Queen Alia greeted by flag-waving youngsters and adults upon arrival at National Children's Hospital in Tokyo. ----------------------
British soldiers in Amman streets in the 1950s.

A house damaged by the Black September events in 1970.

Pages from a British magazine in 1961 following King Hussein's wedding to Queen Muna, who is the mother of King Abdullah


Picture of late King Hussein and his first wife Queen Dina, circa 1955. They got married in 1955 but their marriage lasted one year only. She remarried afterwards. He daughter is Princess Alia.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Do you have a recent picture for Jordan river?

Hareega said...

You're welcome! That's the only picture I found on the web

joladies said...

your comments on Princess Dina are incorrect. She married once again but never had any more children. Just one Princess Alia bint Al Hussein. She lives with her daughter in Jordan. Lovely pics. T

joladies said...
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Hareega said...

joladies, you're absolutely right. I got confused between Queen Dina and her daughter prince Alia, who has 2 kids. Thanks for the correction. I thoguht Dina was still living in Egypt, but you live in Jordan and you know better.

joladies said...

Just to get it absolutely correct - Princess Alia has three sons. One by her first marriage and two by her second!!!! T

Anonymous said...

8- Jamal Abdil Nasser - Video.

Gives me the creeps. Whatever he is singing at the beginning sounds like a call for war.

Ali Dahmash said...

I liked the British soldiers pics as I always forget that Jordan was once under the British Mandate. thanks for posting

Hareega said...

anonymous, i think you commendted on the wrong post

Ali.. yep, it wasn't too long ago

lubna said...

didn't i leave you a comment here?
something about the automobile museum and hte picture of hte street?
did u get it or i just didn't post it!! jad

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