Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Operation Iraqi Freedom

This is what Sarah Palin calls God's plan.
This is what Americans don't see on Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, but they may occasionally see on Comedy Central if Jon Stewart could pull a Bush-bashing joke out of it,
This is what's supposed to be the war on terror,
the war on evil,
the war to crush al-Qaeda
the war to bring democracy to the Middle East
the war that John McCain didn't want to stop before he could declare victory,
when there wasn't anything to win in the first place
those are the people who, if not attacked in Iraq, were going to attack Americans on US soil

According to Ghosts of Abu Ghraib documentary, one US soldier asked, "Who should I be shooting?". He was told, "Just shoot anyone who looks like the enemy", and he thought to himself, "but they all look like the enemy"


Anonymous said...

Here is a nice trick the americans used in Iraq. next time you go on a military mission, take a few AK-47 Kalashnikovs machine guns with you. If you feel the need to target practice and using civilians. just drop the Kalashnikovs by the corpses of the people you have murdered in cold blood and say they were militants. makes you wonder how many militants were really killed in Somalia and Afghanistan and Iraq. We know the Israelis have perfected this scam. the bastards are not human. they are pure evil.

Hani Obaid said...

I always ask what these people died for ? all of them Iraqis, Americans, English etc...

Was it worth it ?

Dreamy Villager said...

Hani Obaid..Yes it was...they have the Iraqi Oil now..and their soldiers are stupid to trust them.. and still do.

Unknown said...

Dreamy Villager. I served in Iraq with my best friends. No one I knew believed in the war. We didn't even have a clear mission when we were there. I can only hope the American people can empathize with the suffering our military has caused.