Thursday, February 12, 2009

Argentina .. A Shit-Load of Talent

Two years after defeating them in Paris, Argentina destroyed France again yesterday with a great victory in Marseille under the leadership of the greatest human on the face of this place, and the greatest Argentinian in history since Che Guevara, Captain Diego Armando Maradona.

I wonder why France still insisted on getting humiliated again on their soil. They could have avoided that by playing Brazil, Germany, England... anything.

I will leave you with the goals from Gutierrez and Messi, candy for your eyes, enjoy the magic, enjoy this morning cup of coffee


Anonymous said...

very nice goals! though am not a fan of this sport, but now I know why MEN came late to work today in France :D

seems they spent the whole night trying to forget :p

hard luck France!

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic performance by Argentina, and I am a France supporter. The team was solid and creative at the same time. France are pathetic and will remain so under the current coach. The goalkeeper is a real joke and it was his 5th match of mistakes in as many games.
The french supporters were chanting for Argentina and booing their players. The likes of Henry, Ribery and Benzema were eclispsed by Messi and colleagues.
I think the World Cup needs to be won by Argentina in 2010 to remain a respectful competition!

Hareega said...

raindrop.. hard luck for the French, no hard feelings against them, they have some really good players especially Ribery but their coach is terrible.

Batir, thank you for your support man. It's good to see you praise Argentina even when Maradona is their coach (I will never ever ever ever ever forget the 1990 articles you were writing man), we need your support for the 2010 world cup.
I was very surprised to see Domeneche as the coach, I thought he was sacked after the world cup, well I guess it's time now.

Sharkooseh said...

mabrook wallah!
mesh zay italy fada7oona :P
wish Argentina will take the world cup next year :D

Anonymous said...

Hareega in 1990 Maradona was a member of a very boring, negative and non-inspirational Argentina team that did not deserve to reach the Final. They have knocked out the best team Italy produced in the second half of the 20th century (Vialli, Baggio, Donadoni, Jiannini, Scillachi, etc..) and I will never forgive them for that!

Hareega said...

Sharkoosheh, thanks!

Batir, I totally agree with you that they were boring, but they proved that with a good goalie and good defence a team can go far in the world cup. Ironically it's the Italians who proved they can win the world cup with such strategy.