Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Passion of Valentine

Here's one wonderful song :


Anonymous said...


While scrolling down the post I had a feeling that you will end it with a photo that isn't directly related, and you did :P

KJ said...


Anonymous said...

c'mon guys, it is related :) every one has different type of love! true love ;)

bonne saint-valentin!

Hareega said...

nizar, the last photo is the most emotional of all. It's somewhat erotic too (in some cultures)

raindrop, merci beaucoup 7abeeb galbi

Anonymous said...

Erotic HAHAHAHa :D

You gave me a good laugh, thanks for that ^^

I don't want to sound offensive but I do have a very graphic and detailed imagination, after reading that I had an image of a 16 years old Saudi guy nervously pulling up his dishdasha with intentions of giving himself a hand relief while intensely looking at this photo and making sure no one sees him doing what ever his is doing :P

Anonymous said...

Cute, Hareega. :)

(Hey, so are you a closet Christian music fan? ;D)

Hareega said...

nizars, you said you didn't want to sound offensive?? you'll get killed for that

Kinzi, I didn't know it was a Christian song, at least it wasn't the first thing that came to my mind while listening to "kiss me" lol, but good music is good music

Anonymous said...

LOL awesome.
I had that song in my car until my dad pulled one of those "SHU HAD!" shu hal elet adab!!! :S I refrained from playing it except on my laptop while using headphones *sigh*

Hareega said...

yeah, parental censorship doesn't always work that well !