Sunday, February 01, 2009


I called one of the interns.

"Cindy, I tried to log on my hospital account with your password, but it won't let me in!"

"Yes, I changed it last week, every six months we have to change it. Just add 3 to the end. I thought you had a password by now."

"No, I tried to get one last year but there were technical issues. I didn't feel like calling again, I hate those IT people"

"I see, sorry for not telling you about the change"

I sighed, and made sure my sigh was heard well on the phone, and told her, "that's OK, but if you don't mind next time you change your password let me know."

"Ok, I'm sorry"

When I was a student I often hated the residents and attendings working above me, some of them were arrogant self-centered morons.
Well, I think I'm becoming an arrogant self-centered moron myself, and it feels so damn good.


Whisper said...

ya baieeeeeeeaaaaah ello2oooooooom,fe3lan 2ennak sherreeer :(

Wb3deen malhom el IT people wallah 2enhom bejannenoo

Anonymous said...

welcome to life mate :P

Anonymous said...

That was quite mean of you to be honest, we all do mistakes.

Sharkooseh said...

looool i hate IT guys too! :D

Anonymous said...

lets hope she doesnt read this :)