Saturday, October 28, 2006

Allaho Akbar Faisaaaaaali

Faisali Barazeelooooo
hooooo haaaaaaay hooooooo

Faisaly destroyed al-Muharraq 3-0 in the first game of the Asian Cup Final

A reminder.... they are the defending champions.

The away game will be held in Bahrain on November 3rd.

Rafa3o raasna el shabab
Congratulations for all Jordanians


Anonymous said...

ma3lish 3afwan, bas mish gader alagi la il ordon wala il ba7rain 3ala il khareeta, ya3ni meen faz 3ala meen? o hadol dawlitain willa madeentain fee dawleh??
ba3dain mish ghareeb 3ala il faisali yirfa3 raskom, mish hoo sa7ib makoolet: tislam eidak ya sharon inta honak o i7na hone. fi3lan ishi birfa3 il ras.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ma3lish 3afwan, but you must be coming from a really vast country yourself. A world super-power. Otherwise you won't be ignorant about a small country such as Jordan.

So... yalla.. et7efna bi aslak el-3atheem. Make us Jordanians feel like dwarfs in front of the greatness of your own country of origin. Show us where it is and how big it is on the map. Go ahead. Yours must be a country that is so big, prosperous and peaceful. Oh, and surely it can't be one that has been crippled by corruption or is at the brink of a civil war or something! I mean, this can't happen to great people living in a great country, can it?

Come on... we're waiting and are very thrilled to know!

Anonymous said...

hi hareega,
thanks for telling me about the movie.
i deleted the post...

Anonymous said...

(tislam eidak ya sharon inta honak o i7na hone)

3ieb Mazeen, I don't think Jordanian or Palestinian live like that, we are one family..and this ridicioulos manchet from unmature sick people..! sorry to read this!

Hareega said...

Mazen el binni ... what I'm proud of is that , as you said, you can barely find Jordan on the map, however one of its clubs is Asia's champion and is now about to win the second title in a row. That makes me proud, and that obviously makes you very jealous.
Those who chanted those racist remarks were a bunch of idiots, and they do not represent the club or the spectator's beliefs. Grow up please. I don't know where are you from but I'm sure that I can find people saying very racist remarks as well and I hope you're not one of them.

salam, ybarek feeki :)

wedad, thank you for doing that!

red rose, totally agree

Anonymous said...

yeah, I am sure that when the whole stadium is chanting these racist remarks, it means that only three to four idiots think this way.
It is a shame for any person to support such a team.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Mazen your English has improved dramatically since you last lead the Faisaly crowds in chants, or is this really Mazen


Anonymous said...

If I ever become a minister of sports and interior (together) I would dismantle both Al faislai and Al Wehdat and force the players to play in a united team which can be called 'Jordan United" managed by Alex ferguson!
As in relation to the geography lessons, I know Jordan and Bahrain can be seen with difficulty on maps but it is not the issue of size that matters (only in certain cases!) but it is the quality of the performance and in this regards both suck! However Bahrain can always beat India in soccer regardless of the size.

Anonymous said...

Sorry To burst your bubble boys and girls, Faisaly are not Asian champs, the Asian cup is the second tier championship for Asian Clubs. Frankly they dont stand a chance against teams like Al Ittihad, Al Ain, Qadisiah or even Karama in the big boys championship.

Anonymous said...

Batir why dont you start with AL-Ahli and Al-jeel first