Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And you thought we can't score great goals?

I was somewhat shocked by this clip,
you can see the TOP TEN goals scored in the Jordanian League last year.

I was so impressed by goals 8 by Abdalla Theeb, goal 7 by Bassam Khateeb, goal 5 By Shbool and of course goal number ONE

The quality of the video is not great but the quality of the goals is outstanding

Ronaldinho my ass


Anonymous said...

Absolutly FANTASTIC !!!

We play like Argentina. Th ebest goal is the last one in the video. He was so in control and so cool - as if the defenders were observing their trainer teaching them how to score goals.

Anonymous said...

I agree dude, the goals are hareega

Abu Shreek said...

Shoo bil nisbeh la Eye of the Tiger ??
Bass baini wa bainakk goal il sh3aibi minn ajda33 ma shofett 3ala ardd mal3abb fa6-bol

Anonymous said...

ah shayef balla, eye of the tiggggggger