Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Conversation about the evil

We were about 20 people, doing BBQ at a friend's house.

I was talking to a Syrian friend called Jehad, after I was done I went to help my friend Bob with the BBQ.

bob asked, "Dude, is that guy's name Jehad?"
-I answered, "Yes"
-"Doesn't Jehad mean Holy War?"
- "Sometimes, but the meaning is more broad"
- "So is this his real name or did he call himself so"
-"No dude its his real name"
-"So is he a holy warrior"
- "No he's not, his name means struggle in Arabic", I explained
- "So his name means struggle?"
- "Kinda"
- "Struggle against Americans?"
- "No dude, the word was there before there were Americans. It means struggle between the good and the evil."
- "So he thinks that Americans are the evil now"?
- "No man I don't think so, he's American himself"
- "But why would his parents call him struggle?"
- "I don't know man, all Arabic names mean something, his name means struggle between the good and the evil, his parents liked it"
- "And what does Fares mean?"
- "It means Knight"
-" Night??"
- "No, knight with a K"
- " Oooo Knight, nice, why did your parents call you knight?"
Laughing hard I answered, "So I can ride a horse and fight the evil"


Anonymous said...

Should ask him why your name is robert and the call you bob.

Linda said...

hahahah i could not help but to laugh.

i have a few cousins named jehad and they went through the same thing. the only thing you can do is explian in a calm way and hope some will be intelligent enough to understand.

Amin Matalqa said...

Slick dialogue. Should be in a scene in a David Mamet play.

Moey said...


LotusGem said...


I really doubt that I could've left this conversation conscious.

I would've fainted of laughter!

Me said...

Fares, real funny!! Thanks for sharing.

Hareega said...

hamede, lol !

Linda, it's not easy to explain for sure.

Amin Matalqa... I don't know who David Mamet is but your comment sounds like a compliment, so thank you !

moey, lotusgem, summer.... thank you for reading

lubna said...

so I can ride a horse and get to the princess*

that would be my answer if I was named Fares:P

Anonymous said...

LOOOL .. he probably thought that all Arabic names revolve around war and fighting back .. LOL .. at least our names have "meanings" ..

I always wondered why William is shortened to Bill ..?!