Friday, October 06, 2006

لماذا يا هذا ؟

لماذا اصبح من الطبيعي انهيار العلاقات بين العرب واصبح "العتاب على قدر المحبة" مصطلحا قديما لم يعد له متسع في قواميسنا الحديثة

نتذكر قبل ثلاثة اعوام عندما اصدرت قطر حكما بالاعدام على فراس المجالي بتهمة التجسس وكان الحكم غالبا نتيجة لتدهور العلاقات بين الاردن وقطر وقع فيها فراس المجالي كضحية

وقتها سافر ارفع المسؤولين الاردنيين الى قطر رغم سوء العلاقة بين البلدين انذاك تم بعدها الافراج عن فراس المجالي فعاد الى اهله ونجا من الاعدام

الان قطر اخطات بحقنا و فورا سحبنا السفير و الوضع لا يبدو مبشرا
اتمنى لو طار المسؤولون هنا وهناك لحل الاشكال قبل ان يتفاقم لان ما يتم اعدامه الان اخطر واكبر واهم بكثير من فراس المجالي


Moey said...

Qataris are sick, they're also jealous from th other GCC too

Anonymous said...

Wallahi I think all Arabs are sick...everyone has his own agenda

ساري said...

I was really annoyed when I read your comment.
The fact that Qatar voted for the Korean candidate instead of the Jordnian candidate can be looked at from two point of views:
First point of view says that it's their right, they had already given their word to support the Korean candidate months before Jordan nominated Prince Zeid. If Qatar sees in the Korean candidate a better person to fulfill the tasks of the position, then why not go with him instead of going with a less competent Arab candidate.

Second point of view says that it's a shame that Qatar didn't vote for the Arab candidate and that they shouldn't have betrayed the Arab agreement of backing him.

As you can see Moey, these are the two points of view and I think they are both valid. However, I - as a personal opinion- support the first one.

Now in the Qatari case there are 2 points of view, where in my opinion we can look at the Jordanian reaction with one point of view. This point of view is that we -Jordanians- over-reacted and made the issue much bigger than its actual size. Sure we can express how annoyed we are from Qatar's action, but we shouldn't have gone all the way to Insulting Qatar in the disgraceful manner that we saw in newspapers (check Saleh El Qallab and Abd El Hadi Raji El Majali's articles in the 2 days following the vote in al-ra'i newspaper). What was even worse is that Jordan called its ambassador in Qatar for discussing the issue. Calling an ambassador is a sign of great anger expressed from one country toward another one. This act could be eligible if we did the same with the so-called Israel after the Jenin massacre and the Lebanese war, if we did the same with USA and Britain after Afghanistan and Iraq war, if we did the same with Denmark and Vatican after the insulting of muslims' beliefs. And as you can see, none of these issues were worth calling the ambassador to express anger, whereas calling the ambassador in Qatar to show anger from not supporting prince Zeid is more important than people being killed and beliefs being insulted.

I wish that things would go back to normal and relations would go back to neutral if not friendly. I'll quote a fellow blogger ( I say that "I am more concerned about the jobs of 15000 Jordanians in Qatar than I am with securing a job for Prince Zeid."

Sorry for the long post-sized comment Hareega, I wonder if anyone will read it. I appreciate your concern for the relations between the 2 countries.

Moey, please tell me what you think of my opinion.


ساري said...

One more thing to add (sorry),
Although I see that Qatar has the right not to support prince Zeid for its own reasons, but I think that they should have at least informed the Arab countries specially Jordan of its decision when they first met instead of making it a sad-surprise.


Anonymous said...

thanks god i dont get the political or understand !!

herana said...

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