Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why God Why?

Why did God create earth, humans and the whole world?

Did he have to? Did he want to? Can God regret something he's done a very long time ago?


Anonymous said...

To worship him like a celebrity.

''وما خلقنا الجن والأنس الا ليعبدو ا ''

Anonymous said...

''وما خلقت الجن والإنس إلا ليعبدون''

Anonymous said...

Why you are asking this question? do you have to? do you want to? do you think you will regret for asking it later?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong about asking, its called thinking, you have to ask and question if what your doing is what God wants you to do, that is if want to be a good believer and not a blind one.

Hareega said...

Anonymous, the only reason I may regret asking it is that I won't get an answer and that can be frustrating. I believe in God and I don't think that will ever change, but we always ask questions about very trivial things (how will the weather be tomorrow, who won the game...etc) while the very basic question about life : "why does it exist?" is being overwhelming igonored by the majority.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it is ignored, I think it is that we do not know enough to answer it, and some people use that fact to gain higher social status by providing answers that might seem reasonable. but till this very moment, all religious explanations have been proven scientifically false.

KJ said...

Hm, I am not sure, to be honest!

Think of it like a painter. You have the tools. You would want to draw things on the canvas.

The painting turns out to be brilliant. But then you decided to use a different kind of paint, one which doesn't "stick" to it's place, and can move about as it wills, however you tilt the canvas, how the winds are.

This little blot of paint is probably the most amusing part of the whole picture. It is always changing. But you would want to control it, so as to not ruin the rest of the canvas, or spill over.

Perhaps after a long time, you'd get frustrated with this blot of paint, and decide to discard the canvas.

The question is, would you make another painting?

But then again - I am talking from the mindset of a human.

The Miner said...

That's real dilemma!

Anonymous said...

Maybe... just maybe. Because there IS no GOD. At least nt a being with emotions, sanity or thinking. Just the origin of the universe. Maybe a particle.

But then .. where did that come from :)

Ammar said...

What's with the God themed topics going around? I'm not complaining as it's quite interesting to "compare notes" but it's all over the blogosphere!

Tayeb, tackling the issue depends on where your system of belief lays, but speaking from the Arab/Islamic background, in the cultural sense, you can find a few answers in the writings of philosophers like Ibn Rushd and Ghazali, who argued that despite of God being the super entity in the universe, He has seven attributes, which correspond with human attributes. These attributes are: knowledge, life, power, will, hearing, vision and speech. bearing in mind the comparison of divine actions and reaction with their human counterpart isn't valid, since we have no means of measurment of those actions or reactions.

Ya3ni to make a long story short, there are no definite answers to these questions, but they're ligitimate none the less, read the work of Ibn Rushd, or Averroes in latin, about Creation, very interesting stuff.

The Observer said...

because s/he needs us :)

Moey said...

LOL.. love nizars comment.

Naaz Farheen Rahman said...

We all are His reflection
the only truth within the universe is God. Only God is Being and all the rest is in reality a possiblity, a relative, possible non existence

The doctrine of wahdat al wujud by Idn Arabi explains it all

Anonymous said...

Lucky we are not robot..GOD give us the mind to choose...But sometime HE regrets for what we choose..
In Islamic heaven,there is beauty goddess to fulfil worldly lust and pleisure.
In Christiany heaven, there is no marriage nor married,everybody joy to honor GOD..
So Christiany GOD and islamic allah are different.
Allah command are if moeslem see hilal moon then all must not eat nor drink..But hilal can only seen by mideast region only..It means allah only live in mideast and he dont know that hilal moon aren't seen from europe.
Thats most powerful allah that need human touch and action by suicide jihad..So allah need human help..The perfect allah cant order the angel or ginie but need human?

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