Monday, October 23, 2006

In a UPS store in Amman

I was in Jordan, I decided to urgently ship some documents to the US. It was Saturday which was half a holiday.

I called my friend to ask where was the DHL office.

Qusay, "I don't know where DHL is, but I know there's a UPS in Shemsani next to where you are."

Hareega, "Shu hada el UBS?"

Qusay, "UPS, not UBS, it sends packages 3al saree3 to America just like DHL, it's next to Markez Haya, you'll find it"

I went to Shmesani, double-parked next to Ata Ali blocking 3 other cars and started looking for UBS.

I found a sign saying UPS, went in, and found a lady inside.

Hareega, "Are you DHL?"

Lady, "We are UPS"

Hareega, "So you're like DHL?"

Lady, "Ah, kinda, shu beddak?"

Hareega, "Beddi ab3at package la Amerka"

Lady, "OK, it's Saturday today, we'll send it today, maybe on Tuesday it will be in Amerka"

Hareega, "Beddi iyyaha Monday"

Lady, "OK, it costs more if you want it there on Monday" and I saw a look of disgust on her face as she was looking at my T-shirt with 4 Ketchup spots.

Hareega, "OK mashi, kam bekallef"

Lady, "34 Jds and 30 gersh"

Hareega, "Waaaaaaaal"

Lady.... no comment, still looking in disblief of how the hell was I wearing that T-shirt.

I paid the 34 nera.

Hareega, "I need a tracking number so I can check where my package is"

I got the tracking number. That night I checked my computer. I logged in the DHL website, and typed in the tracking number, and got this message: your tracking number cannot be identified.

I thought.... "That bitch in DHL, she gave me a wrong tracking number."


Anonymous said...

why did u delete that arabic poetry. it was so nice

Anonymous said...

deleting it was a mistake? or posting it was a mistake?

Anonymous said...

what a story!
I think the lady has the right to stare at your T-shirt. How Dr. Fares Hareega should be well dressed ;)

Arab Lady said...

the price is very reasonableeeeeeee compared to here!

Anyways taba3an el mara beda tba7li2 be ur T-shirt...lakan mashi bel shari3 heek w mabsout 3a 7alak


Hareega said...

anonymous... no i loved the poem but I posted something stupid after that whihc I deleted and I pushed the Delete button twice I'm not sure and that short poem was deleted again! Sorry!

Lina... outside the hopsital mesh farga ma3i how i look like, but yeah i threw away that t-shirt

arablady, well it's about 50 dollars, that's a very high price for someone living in jordan

Arab Lady said...

the other day i shipped a bag from amman to UAE by bus and they took shi 20 JD!!! so keef law kan lal US by air!?

Madi said...

Were she looking at your t-shirt or at your chest muscles ?

Hareega said...

arablady.. that's a lot!

JAd... dude i don't have chest muscles, my other muscles are also microscopic.

Moey said...


Blogger said...

مش لو دورت على قرابة طالع على أمريكا و
أعطيتو الورق وكم غرظ للشباب، يعني بقلاوةأو كنافة و كم راس جميد مش كان أحسن؟

Anonymous said...

"That bitch in DHL, she gave me a wrong tracking number." it's that bitch in UBS not DHL, hehe

PALFORCE said...

Maho fi DHL ew UBS ew FEDEX ew ARAMEX.

But el DHL emlazkah berasak.

Thats called Branding, DHL was successful in planting the Brand name DHL with any shipping service you need.

There should be a national campaign that says : Buy Jordanian.

Malha Aramex? Huh?

Eid Mubarak BOKRAH! sa7ee7.


Anonymous said...

LOL .. ya3ni no matter what she said or did , it still DHL for you ! just like when I go to any restaurant here in Amman , and ask for 7up , then they'd answer me , we have Seprite not 7up and I am like " what difference does it make .. inno tomAto/tomato ..

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story always use DHL !


Hareega said...

moey thanx for checking

Firas, ma kansh fee garaba motawaffer :)

omar... that time i was thinking it was DHL!

PAlforce, do you know the joke ... Coca Cola was upset because all Jordanians call Coca Cola ... Pepsi, so they went to Jordan and painted everything red and gave people free coca cola for one year and all people drank it, then someone from coca cola came to check if they succeeded so he asked someone "Shu hada laish kol el shaware3 7amra" so the guy in the street said "walla ma ba3raf ejo naas sabagho el shaware3 a7mar ba7mar o sharraboona PEPSI o rawa77o" :D

so ma fee amal DHL is DHL

teaolver ye sit's always seven up, read my joke above :D

Dar... zay ma beddak