Thursday, November 10, 2005

سباع الليل منا تهاب...... و بالعوز سلاحي عالباب

I never thought I'll have so many enemies in my life, but today that changed.

I never thought I can hate people so much, today that changed.

I never thought I'd miss my country that much, but today I wanted to be there more than ever before, even if I was to be in that wedding in Raddison SAS or waiting in the Hyat Amman lobby.

For me and every Jordanian, many things have changed today,

But Amman will never change, and will stay the most beautiful city. We will not change and we will stay united to get those animals who tried to shake us, and we'll get those who sent them and those enemies who lived among us for years and years.


Tololy said...

That is our only refuge now, unity.

صاحب البوابــة said...
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صاحب البوابــة said...

مقال جميل


مررت بمدونتك فأعجبتني