Sunday, November 13, 2005

Check it out.. the picture of the Iraqi woman who was captured!!

I'm just hoping that someone will believe me and we can get rid of this woman!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


congratulations, ure the first person to make me laugh since wednesday

Dar said...

lol thats funny , but why do u hate her that much i wish u can give me a good reason so i can convinece the others with my point of view :P

Hareega said...

nas i consider that a success :)

dar there are people you hate them for no obvious reason, you hate "all" of them without anything specific
is your name dar wella la ykoon "ragab" o 3'ayyarto?

omar said...

3anjadd thanks man 3ala bringing some humour 3al jaww. I think you noticed lately keef saar el wade3. Looking for more.

Ba3dein walak sa7ellak! LOL, ya ragab :P

I replied to ur comment...