Monday, November 14, 2005

I love Iraqis

It's good to remember that Iraqis lost more than 30,000 people in different attacks since 2003.

IT's good to remember that they've lost millions of people during many wars they didn't want to get involved in.

They had had disasters during weddings, and they lost many children and women, for no reason.

If there are people who can feel our pain, it's the Iraqis.


Anonymous said...

kinzi said...

RRH, well said. I've worked with refugees from Iraq since 1988 to this day and have many friends in the country now. They are a precious people, who have maintained a gentle hope for a better tomorrow.

My 3 year old daughter prays for Iraq every night "Dear Jesus, make Baghdad a safe place for for Ghada and the children to play". I say 'amen' with tears. And add that Amman will stay a safe place for my children to play.

madas said...


That was a great post. It pains me when people start being racist against a whole nation for the idiocy of few, it is just similar to our case, the Arabs I mean. the masses,the millions are hated, are desciminated against, are humuliated at boarders and in airports because a handfull makes mistakes. You are right. We should try to stop that stereotyping... so like always thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You make a very strong point. I can see people changing their attitudes towards Iraqis in jordan. It's important to keep in mind that we continuously ask the USA not to blame us for what a few did in our name. Now WE are at that end of the incident,
"...7atta yu7ib li-akheehi ma yu7ibbu linafsih"

Solomon2 said...

It's odd, but after 9-11 I was one of those Americans who could, at times, feel a vast unfocused rage directed at Arabs. But after the U.S. invaded Iraq and the "insurgency" began, my feelings changed to those of pity and brotherhood. Iraqis - and now Jordanians - are bearing the brunt of attacks that Al-Qaeda alleges target Americans. I think we are helping as best as we can.

Anonymous said...

hareega, I enjoyed your post very much. I believe that this incident might have a huge impact on Iraqis who currently live in Jordan. i hope that the government is aware about this potential antisentment and fight by educating people in the street about it. Hate crimes start by antisentiment feelings, words (teaching) and then through some body who might act on these emerged feelings. But thanks for reminding us all about this potential hazard. Issam

Hareega said...

Kinzi... there are many heart-breaking stories of Iraqi families and we know it and sympathize with it in Jordan. So many times have we prayed for our brothers there and I remember attending a mass prayer for Iraq when I was back in Jordan. Like all Arabs we might get too emotional and we might hear a few racist comments against them, but I hope we'll never lose our sympathy with them.

Madas... hope we'll never hear of racial profiling against Iraqis on the entrance of hotels! Glad to see you in my blog

Samir... great point, treat others like you want to be treated.

Hareega said...

solomon2, thank you for you kind words. In such situations people might become so mad but one should avoid making blind judgements. I hope no Jordanian will do that.

Issam the worst thing ever would be hate crimes against Iraqis. What the government should do is first confess that there are some negative feelings against IRaqis, i.e. address that there is a problem, then we can work on it.

rakudasan said...

my boy friend is an iraqi . he is very kind.he gived me true love.i m with him for 6 years, i never get boad with him.He olways try to make me happy.he is singar!he sing with beautiful voice from the hart.he always pry for everybody.i love iraqi food,iraqi culture etc...i don t like somebody hurt them.i cry for tham.i wanna protect them.i met so many iraqi islam,christian etc... every one are beutiful minds.why they have to be victim???what did they do bad???i cry for them from far away JAPAN