Saturday, November 26, 2005

Heroin next door !

This is real !! A hundred years ago, Bayer and other drug companies used to sell heroin along with aspirin as a medication for pain relief before recognizing its side-effects!!

Hopefully in 2100, people will be saying "Can you believe they used to sell tobacco a hundred years ago? "


Dar said...

lol , but it is going to be like they will be planting Tobacco in South America and yseeero yharrbo , and all the movies will be about that including el aflam el masreieh

Cheerz !

Sabri Hakim said...

40 stone street. hehe

Anonymous said...

And the same gosae on today ,Codeine; CLASSIFICATION Analgesic; Antiates Codeine is an opiate used for pain and to reduce coughing. It occurs naturally in the opium poppy !!!!!
People seek codeine experiences from medications that contain acetaminophen may be putting themselves at risk for acetaminophen-related complications liver damage.
The widely abuse of codeine to reach pure opium extraction technique(to avoid the Acetaminophen) is by drinking cough mixture (Ph.....dyl) taking it as a Heroin substitute since Heroin is *very* difficult to obtain even on the street.

For your information a 120 ml bottle of Ph.....yl cough linctus contains 216mg ( 9mg per 5ml )of Codeine Phosphate BP, 18mg of Promethazine Hydrocloride BP. plus excepeints .

just 60ml of the cough linctus; contains Prometazine meant to suppresses vomiting but also enhances the action of sedative, hypnotic. I do not know whether Promethazine has any long term side effect on general health. But I do know that Promethazine may mask the warning signs caused by ototoxic drugs e.g. salicylates.

Yet it is freely available in the third world Pharmacies ,and users have their own extraction method by dissolving ------- in warm water and then reducing temp. of solution by placing in freezer till it becomes 'cold' (not frozen, of course) and filtered it -------to a very light pink colored filtered solution in a cup. to get 'high' by using a readily available pharmaceutical prep. 60ml of cough linctus .Produced by reputed multinationals ,you see not much changed in the Pharmaceuticals industries .

Anonymous said...

kinzi said...

I read in the encyclopedia that not a small percentage of Americans were addicted to laudanum in that time.

Hareega said...

Dar... yes if they ban tobacco it will deifnitely go the black market...etc, but much less people will die!

sabri ... lool , good observation :)

anonymous, i don't think there's any problem in having codeine in prescription drugs. I wrote hundreds of prescriptions of morphine and many people really need it. The problem is how people can get those narcotics without a prescription.

kinzi... probabaly that's right i don't know much about how many people got addicted to it, but avaialability is not the only factor casuing addiction.