Monday, November 14, 2005

Why was Jordan attacked?

Why were we attacked? You'll get different answers from different people. The sad thing is that most Jordanians still do not know why. Isn't this frightening?? "Sir,There are people who want to kill you, but you don't know why, so good luck!"

I still remember the happy faces of many students in the University of Jordan, following the 9/11 attacks (I mean September 11th) with them jumping in enthusiasm from one lecture room to another and attaching the pictures of Bin Ladin on different boards in the Faculty of Engineering, where I used to spend part of my time. Calling Bin Ladin a terrorist then would have made most people angry. I remember criticizing the attacks in front of my supervisor who lived long enough in the US and I remember him being really upset and asking me "Are you with them or with us"? (enta ma3na wella ma3aahom). Well guess what .... A few days later I heard the same words from the mouth of George Bush but this time in English. Since then, world politics has been focused on it's-either-them-or-us policy.

Al-Qaeda became very popular. People tried to justify the 9/11 attacks and our multiple personalities flew to the surface by sympathizing with any innocent civilian killed in 9/11 however cheering for Bin Ladin and his alikes:

***Abu Qatadah, the man who bombed 2 movie theaters in Amman and Zarqa in the early 90s and had a plot to bomb al Saha el Hashmiyyeh. He expressed his admiration to OBL several times, before and after 9/11.

*** Abu Ayman el Thawahiri and Omar Abdil Rahman and Islamic extremists in Egypt, where thousands of young Egyptians were brains-washed and considered any Egyptian who pays taxes to the government an ifidel and any tourist a target for Jihad.

*** Zarqawi: One of their sons and their good behaving student, just one among many others.

So we had deadly explosions in different countries and the victims were "innocent civilians". The love and admiration for OBL and Al Qaeda has remained, and every time any such explosion would occur we would find fifty million reasons to disbelieve the claims of Al Qaeda that they are responsible, and that was the difficult thing for me to understand: Those people say they did it, they are proud of it, they're celebrating it, but we didn want to believe them and we preferred to lie to ourselves.

We were attacked because al-Qaeda got access to Jordanians through their minds. It occupied their thoughts and that's something that metal detectors cannot prevent. We didn't learn lessons from the events around us, and that was a problem because you can't live long enough to learn from your own mistakes. We are a great country with great people but we have to keep in mind that we passionately belong to the third world. We have a lot of problems but we reached a state of despair that we trusted some freaks giving us messages from places we haven't known they even existed more than we trusted ourselves. If we started to love our country more than we love ourselves and worked together instead of against each other, we'll find Zarqawi and OBL slowly disappearing from our lives until we'll forget they ever existed.


Biesan said...

well said...its time to wake up and smell the blood...

Anonymous said...

You are very Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Oops! sorry I posted my previous comment before I read more about you " I like to talk about hot topics but avoid politics because I love my ass and don't want it dragged to aweful places."

I thought it would be good exchanging about some points you mentioned in your post, but since you are worried about your ass , so I guess the subject is closed.

P.S. how come you asked for "No Politics" and most of your posts are political.!!!!!
I'm outta here

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