Monday, November 14, 2005

Some blood please??

Jordan's blood bank announced that they need more blood donors, especially of the O blood group. If you're O - (negative) then your blood is very precious because it can be given to almost anyone. Any other blood group is still very helpful.

After working in the King Hussein Cancer Center for a few months and trasfusing "gallons" of blood to a lot of patients, I can say there's certainly a potential disaster in the blood bank. If you don't have a relative or friend to donate blood for you, your chances of getting blood is low. They don't have enough reserve and in emergencies like the ones we had, people might be hurt so much because they're not receiving enough blood.

Believe it or not but there are people who have only few family members and cannot get all the blood units they need, and there are people who are completely left by their families even in tragedies like that. There are other victims who are foreigners and just do not have families around. Shall they die because you decided to support them by blowing the horn of your car instead of giving them some blood?


Anonymous said...

I once went to the Blood Bank in AlBasheer and it was quite empty, i donated blood for a friend ... Wallahi if i were in Jordan now, i would have gone to donate blood ... Did you know that donating blood is a 'Sadaka Jariah' ?

Hareega said...

I'm not a religious expert but I find donating blood for someone you don't know is certainly a good deed. We had a program in the University of Jordan for community services and one of the services was donating blood so people rushed into the hospital to donate blood because that would give them full credit!! But fewer people are doing it now despite the fact that more and more people need it.