Sunday, November 20, 2005

Working in Womens' Clinics

A speciality I avoided was Obstetrics and gyencology, there were many great things about it however it didn't suit me.

Yesterday however I had to go to the women's clinic as part of my internal medicine trainig. I had my extra-large coffe cup (evth i eat or drink is extra large) o golt lal gahwaji y7ott 2 extra shots of espresso 3ashanni kont msattel. Afraid of getting dehydrated, i drank half a liter of water and headed to the clinic. With all this caffeine and water, I knew that at some point I'd need to pee.

The clinic started at 8, i saw 2 patients and then i felt the urge to rush to go the bathroom. The third patient was waiting golt mashi, footi ya mrs. absar shu, i spent 20 minutes with her then i said yalla abu el hayareg roo7 farre3' el 7umooleh.

I found a restroom beside the clinic, ooops it's for ladies, and there was no men's restroom beside it, i walked a little bit and found another one..... wella ooops it's also for ladies, tab wain il men's restroom??

I looked at the nurse in clinic, and asked her o ana wejhi a7mar wa5thar "where is the men's restroom", she said "there's none. We are all women here, Dr. Brown and Dr. Jones are women and all nurses are women and all patients are women, so why should we have a men's restroom?"

kont beddi afga3ha soot 7000 decible "3ashan el ja7sh elli wagef goddamki" , but i stayed cool..... It was not still 10 am and i had 3 more hours to go, I wish I could have in Amman where i could sneek for a minute outside o wara ayya 7aawyeh and pee o barja3 ya ma7laani. But this is america any peeing outside would be considered public nuditiy and an environmental harm and green peace might ask for my blood.

If any woman reading this thinks that labor pain is the worst pain a human being can have, she has to reconsider this statement. I still had to work and see patients. Many women (even in the US) don't like male doctors to perform a gynecological exam on them, but they had no other choice because their insurance would cover for a different clinic visit, so kano majboreen feyyeh.

I had the thought of going into the women's bathroom but i kinda started caring for my reputation and if i did so my name would be on all local TV stations here since they have nothing to talk about, and my patients would see me o banfathe7, o abooy be3raf bel gossa o betbarra menni ...etc

The clinic eventually ended and i rushed into my car and drove to the nearest McDonald's to pee. I'm sure i scored 3 world records inside their bathroom and i feel sorry no Guiness representative was with me, but the sense of relief is outstanding.

Even after i was done i stood in that disgusting bathroom for 2 minutes doing nothing just smiling at the drug addicts and the drunk coming in and out of the bathroom. Twenty-four hours after that incident i'm still in a stable condition.

From this stand I ask that all men should have equal rights to women. Men are human beings too, and they need to pee.



jameed, RPh, MS said...

and i join you in this demand for equal bathroom rights.

i spend endless hours in a BSL3 lab on a whole floor that only has one women's bathroom. every time i "garra go" i have to spend 15 minutes taking off my biosafety suit, run to the floor below and back to the lab. it is very inconvenient. not only that, all women's bathrooms on campus have couches for "nursing mothers" -since Utah has plenty of them. mind you, most women use the couches to take naps.

Dar said...

Hey Mr fire i love yr post , its really funny , actually 7ashashet while i was reading my brother told me whats wrong ...... , well i spent my past 8 weeks in Obs & Gyne Dep and thank God it only had one bathroom though it was maztoot be2a5er el denia , i just wonder r u doing yr residency there ?!
btw i am from the tekno !

Tololy said...

That was an awesome adventure to read about. You remind me with a quote that says "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition".

On a different note, I wonder how Mr.Jameed got to learn that the women use the couches in the women's restrooms for napping.

Hareega said...

Jameed... why do you use the biosafety suit? is it to protect against biological weapons?

If so, then the bathroom is the best place to put it on.

DAr... yes i'm specializing there, medicine sucks dude, but it's nice to take history from ladies there, they'll amuse you with the stories about their husbands!!

Tololy... i hate your quote big time ! But it could be true

jameed, RPh, MS said...

Hareega, you know i work with biological samples from HIV+ patients; many of which also have TB and Hep C. in our Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) lab, we are required to wear protective gear...what a question to feek wala fi daktartak

Tololy, never expect the course of a conversation with jameed. I was told about the couches from many sources. but truth be said here, this piece of trivia is common knowledge on campus

Roba said...

LOL! It's the opposite at JU ;) We take a lot of classes in il 3amadeh, and there are no women bathrooms there, and the closest bathroom isn't in much proximity. Don't tell anyone, but my friends have now used the men's bathroom countless times. It's pretty funny.. we have a male friend make sure no ones there, then someone stands outside to make sure no one goes in..

Hareega said...

Roba, i think you've made a mistake. I still know some people who visit JU every while and then. the news you've just told me will make them really excited. Thanx a million :) :)

but how does their male friend prevent guys from going inside?? What does he tell them for example?? Ya3ni if i had that guy in front of Mcdonald's restrooms telling me not to go in i would have peed on him instead.

madas said...

that was a hillarius post! i have a similar experience in jareedet il rai, where there were no women baothrooms... but i thought a man gotta do what a man gotta do and i rushed into the bathroom! ifft that would have condemned my reputation forever

Anonymous said...

Mr.Naar Naar (Ever heard that song for Hakim??)

Ur blogs makes my day!
Ta7shiiiiiiiiish! Keep on!


Hareega said...

madas.... please tell me that nobody saw you!

anonymous thanx for your comment :) (yeah i know that song faya3aan)